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You have been asking for a good chatroom

& now you have one!

It's called Babble and you can


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female Being used

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This is one my husband really likes and was my little secret for years.

I was home alone and laying in bed feeling horny and playing with myself, I was going out on a date that night and knew I would be getting fucked but I needed it now! I had been left instructions that our insurance man was coming around to collect some paper work. I had met him before and he was one of those men who always looked like they were mentally undressing you. I got in the shower and decided to have some fun when he came. I picked out a towel to wrap myself in which was far to small, holding closed at my chest it would cover my tits but barley my pussy! I spent some time in front of the mirror see what I would be showing off and it made me even more horny.

It was a rainy day and I watched out of the window for his car when it pulled in I jumped back in the shower then with nothing but my towel I set off downstairs after he had rung the bell three times. I opened the door and stepped back apologising for taking so long to answer, as I was in the shower! His face was great as he stared at me wriggling in my towel. He pointed out I was dripping on the carpet then asked if anyone else was home, I remember his sly smile when I said nobody was. He made a bit of small talk as his eyes roamed up and down, then he said about the paper work. It was on the table at the other end of the hall, I could feel his eyes on me as I turned to walk to get it knowing full well my ass cheeks were on display. At the table I purposely bent over a bit knowing more than ass cheeks were showing, clutching my towel in one hand and the paper work in the other I walked back. His face was alight and my pussy was tingling I handed him the paper work and let the towel slip exposing my left tit, I said sorry he said not to worry and it looked like I had “a fantastic body!” I thanked him. Putting the paper work in a case he then said “I’ll let you get back to your shower, maybe you would like me to wash your back?” I nearly said yes! I was enjoying this, they always say lads are led by there cock well my pussy was calling out to me then. Then he gave me an opening, as I didn’t want to make it too obvious! “if only I was twenty years younger” he said “oh” I replied “what would you have done then?” “I’d have tried to charm you out of that towel, which doesn’t cover much any way” “maybe I didn’t want it to cover much” now I had his attention! I dropped the towel to my waist showing him my tits, he almost growled and said they were nice, he reached out and felt them and I moved back against the hall wall. He bent and sucked on one while feeling the other, I dropped the towel. Still sucking his hand found my bush and I opened my legs a bit he looked up from my tits “your fucking soaked!” as he fingered and sucked away I undid his trousers and realised his cock. I slid down the wall and onto my back he knelt briefly between my legs and I know I yelled “oh yes” as he slid into me. He took most of his weight and I had my knees up to my chest, I cum before he did then begged him to last but I knew he couldn’t.

That night my date fucked me in the back of his car and a few weeks later and totally by chance the insurance man rang our bell again! “Not in the shower this time?” he said I said “no but home alone again” he looked me in the face “I couldn’t get that lucky twice” I had on sweat pants and top took his hand and said “we may be more comfy on the sofa” I pulled my clothes off and I got to suck his cock before he fucked me on the edge of the sofa and I demanded he last longer this time, he did!

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NOw that is a great secret and do you need anything as love to knock on your door xx

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