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  1. We have been here on the site a short while and have contributed to the forums and galleries and all responses have been very positive. We like being able to chat and share are experiences knowing they are appreciated and respected.   

    Submitted by dirtyistgirl in Testimonials
  2. Great site

    Friendly and fun site to post our pictures 

    Always lovely comments and great interaction 

    Kirstie & Steve xx

    Submitted by 34"LEGzzzzzz in Testimonials
  3. Great site!

    A great site full of sensuality and class. Is lovely see the pics and have friends here. We will continue to contribute with our images for the joy of the members :)

    Submitted by albnyl in Testimonials
  4. Great Site

    We have been made so welcome since we joined the site earlier this year, we have been joined by lots of old friends but have made loads of lovely new friends too :D.  There have already been quite a few changes to the look and feel of the site since be joined and we feel it is getting bigger and better with every change.  Keep up the great work Admin, we are looking forward to making even more saucy friends as the site continues to go from strength to strength :wub:

    Saucy & Shy Guy
    Submitted by Saucy & Shy Guy in Testimonials
  5. Lots of lovely ladies

    There are so many lovely ladies on here I would love to meet and have fun with.

    British Stockings has some of the best sexy British amateur content you can find on the net these days

    Big Johnny
    Submitted by Big Johnny in Testimonials
  6. Lovely Site

    The people are very friendly here and the admin staff are always very helpful and listen to the members. We are glad we found this site to post on

    Linda & Duncs
    Submitted by Linda & Duncs in Testimonials
  7. Great Sexy Site

    I have been a member here on and off (in two different guises) for about 8 or 9 years now and the site has had some highs and some lows with slow posting and falling membership but I have always found my way back.

    With the influx of new members from the now sadly defunct Stockings and Heels site British Stockings can only grow and get better and better.

    If stockings, lingerie and beautiful people were an addiction then this is where I cum to get my fix.


    Submitted by DrJimmy in Testimonials
  8. Great place for stocking lovers

    Sometimes you just want to enjoy what you want to enjoy without ploughing through loads of things you're not interested in. British stockigs does what it says on the tin. Great site.

    Submitted by racchy1 in Testimonials
  9. Love British Stockings

    I love posting here and reading all the dirty comments

    Especially love sexy messages from well hung guys who know how to use a pussy properly

    If you want to get dirty comments to boost your confidence - this is the site for you!

    Submitted by slutwife in Testimonials

    Well I have been on here a while and love posing and getting the comments on my photos, love the new look, well done and please keep up all the good work, 

    Can the site get any better ? NO ..



    Submitted by seductiveone in Testimonials
  11. Been a member for several years now and love posting pics of me in stockings and suspenders.

    Submitted by Cullie in Testimonials
  12. Love this site

     I have been a member for a long long time and this is by far the best site on the net there are other imposters but I always come back to this site I just absolutely love it and wish I can spend more time on it keep up the good work everyone xxx

    Submitted by kipper in Testimonials
  13. A great member contribution stockings & lingerie site.

    I've been enjoying this site for approximately 8 years now, thanks to the fabulous members who contribute their gorgeous pictures and also the banter and interaction with them. Thank you one and all, you're beautiful people. 

    Submitted by funguy in Testimonials
  14. Love Posting Here

    I love posting photos and videos here to get the greate responses and sexy messages

    A great site if you're an exhibitionist, love sexy undies and getting compliments


    Submitted by Guest in Testimonials
  15. Test

    This is a test for the new testimonial addon


    Submitted by admin in Testimonials

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