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Found 42 results

  1. Nophretete

    couple toys r us

    Hello sir, thank you for letting me in. I'm looking forward to show you my offers, hope you will be pleased...
  2. Ladies, please present your favourite playtime toy be it a dildo, dong, vibrator, wand, cone, eggs, plug, vegetable,fruit, bottle,fingers, or whatever you use to give you you that screaming orgasm :)
  3. WestCuntry-cpl

    couple Exhibitionist fun

    Some exhibitionist fun in bars and hotel.... wolford fatal and crotchless tights
  4. Arnold Layne

    female The P A Part 2 Three's Company

    Here is the the further adventures of Sarah & Sam, I hope you enjoy it. As ever feel free to ad any pics you might think will illustrate it 😊 The P.A. Episode 2 - Three's Company Hi my name is Sarah, you may recall in my last story of how my relationship with my Boss Sam changed in an interesting and sexy way. Things didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped though. In the following months after her promotion Sam spent a lot of time away from the office visiting other offices, so we hardly saw each other. The company was to hold a conference over three days in the City. Sam was expected to attend and of course she needed her P.A. with her, at last it looked like we could spend some time together and at the company expense. The day of the conference arrived, I made my way to the Hotel, Sam was flying in later that night, so we couldn’t get together until the next day. The next morning there was a Breakfast Meeting at 8am so the delegates could meet and get to know/catch up with each other. Finally I saw Sam she looked stunning as ever wearing a dark grey pinstripe wide leg trouser suit, cream blouse and killer heels. We spent the next hour chatting to other delegates and catching up with old colleagues. With breakfast finished the meeting wrapped up just after 9am, the next meeting wasn’t until 12.30 so most people went out to see the sights. Sam had other ideal though, she pulled me to one side and said “I’ve got a surprise for you, let’s go to your room.” We walked back to my room giggling like Schoolgirls, briefly pulling ourselves together as we passed a rather attractive member of staff who smiled at us in a slightly knowing way. Once in my room Sam wasted no time in pushing me against the wall and started kissing me passionately. I responded and our tongues flicked in and out each others mouths. Sam started to kiss my neck, at the same time I felt her hand move down to the hem of my dress and pull it up until her hand rested on my panties. I gasped as her hand slid into my panties and found my wet pussy. “I see your looking forward to this as much as me” she grinned. She pulled out her hand and said “I’ve something to show you.” Opening her bag she pulled out a Dildo but not like any I’ve seen before. It was a stylised black cock but it had like a handle on it which made into an L shape. “It’s called a Feeldoe, explained Sam, this part goes in me and the shaft goes in you. It’s like a strap on only we both get the pleasure.” With that she started kissing me and I felt her unzip my dress and let it slide to the floor leaving me standing in my silver grey bra, pants, suspender belt, platinum grey RHT stockings and heels. Not wanting to be left out and still kissing passionately I slid off her jacket and pushed down her trousers, then I unbuttoned her blouse. She was left in a cream lacy bra with matching panties, deep lacy suspender belt and copper coloured Fully Fashioned stockings and those black killer heels. Now it was time for her to gasp as I unclipped her bra and started to suck and kiss her nipples. “Bed” she gasped and pulled me towards it, she pushed me on to the bed and peeled off her panties. Then she put one leg on a chair and inserted the Feeldoe into her pussy. She stood up with her hands on her hips. “What do you think?” she said. The effect was very arousing, there was my boss looking, for all the world, like she had a large black cock between her legs. “I think you might need a little extra lubrication, and it’s been too long since I’ve tasted you” she said and pulled down my panties, kneeling between my legs she buried her face in my pussy. I let out a moan and unclipped my bra and started to play with my nipples. Sam’s tongue found my clit and I started to breathe heavy as she brought me close to the brink. Just then I heard a noise, I looked up and to my horror the staff member I saw earlier was stood in the doorway holding some towels. In the excitement I’d forgotten to put the Do Not Disturb sign up and lock the door! “Sam, Sam! Forchrissake stop! We’ve got company!” I hissed. “Mmmm, what?” said Sam looking confused. I motioned to the door, Sam followed my gaze. “Oh, she said, then she took me completely by surprise by saying to the girl. “Well, either get out or come and join us!” The girl turned around, placed the towels on the dressing table, took the Do Not Disturb sign from the back of the door, placed it on the front of the door, closed and locked it! Turning around she slowly started to walk towards us with a smile on her face, slowly unbuttoning her blouse as she went. She was a very attractive mixed race girl in her mid twenties with flawless dark skin, deep brown eyes, long black hair tied in a pony tail and a fabulous figure. She was wearing a lilac blouse with a purple knee length skirt, black tights and low heel black patent shoes. As she approached us I could see her name tag which said her name was Jasmine and she was Head of House Keeping. By the time she got to us her blouse was undone revealing a white lacy bra. Her hand slipped to the waistband of her skirt and she undid the zip and let the skirt fall. Underneath she was wearing skimpy white lacy panties over a pair of Body Free tights. I have a few pairs of these myself, they are open at the crotch and sides. I sometimes wear them when I can’t be bothered with suspender belts and stockings. Jasmine quickly unclipped her bra and slipped out of her panties. She knelt on the bed beside me and without a word started to kiss me, her tongue exploring my mouth as her fingers started to play with the nipple on my right breast. I heard Sam give a contented sigh and continued to lick my pussy. Jasmine started to move down kissing my neck until she was sucking my nipples. As she was doing that my hand found her wet pussy and I started to finger her. She let out a little moan as I found her clit. Meanwhile Sam was working on my pussy, pushing her tongue into me and flicking my clit as she pulled it out. With her pleasuring my pussy and Jasmine sucking and nibbling my nipples I soon started to shake as a massive orgasm approached. I let out a groan as my body started to shake as waves of pleasure swept over my body. As I lay there panting I heard Sam say “I think your about ready now”. And before I could protest she pushed my legs open and started to fuck me with the Feeldoe between her legs. She started slowly pushing in until she was deep inside me trusting with deep steady strokes. It felt fantastic and I started to gasp as she pushed harder into me with my ankles on her shoulders. Sam too was panting as the other end of the Feeldoe pushed into her pussy. Jasmine was watching with interest, then she swung her leg over my head until she was astride it, facing Sam, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I took the hint and started to suck and lick he sweet pussy, judging by the sounds from above she and Sam were kissing passionately. Then I felt my shoe being removed and Jasmine started to kiss and suck my feet and toes! I never had that done before it felt so erotic! As she was doing that her other hand slid down my belly until she was fingering my clit while Sam thrust deeply into me. I let out a deep moan and holding on to Jasmines Nylon clad thighs buried my face in her sopping wet pussy. It was all too much for me, I thought I was going to pass out as Sam fucked me deeper and Jasmine worked on my clit and once again I felt my body start to shake as another orgasm surged through my body. As I lay there panting again Sam withdrew from me and Jasmine climbed off saying “Mmmm, I’ve got to have a taste of that!” With that she knelt between my legs and stuck her bottom out and wiggled it invitingly to Sam. Sam took the hint and pushed into her pussy fucking her doggy style. Jasmine grabbed hold of my thighs and moved her mouth towards my pussy. “No, wait, let me recover!” I gasped, but it was too late Jasmines tongue was already licking my gaping, wet pussy. I threw my head back and moaned, I don’t know how much more I can take of this! Jasmines face was being pushed into my pussy as Sam thrusted harder into her, I could hear both women breathing harder as they were approaching their climaxes. I too started to feels my third orgasm approach and started to buck and writhe as Jasmines tongue lapped at my clit. I think Jasmine came first, moaning as her body shook, then me, gasping and shaking, clamping my nylon clad thighs round Jasmines head. Finally Sam Came pumping harder into jasmine and moaning. We laid there for a while recovering, Sam stood up and removed the Feeldoe. “My turn” She said. “ I can’t, I gasped, I need a rest!” I got up, my legs were like jelly and slumped into a chair. “I’ll do it” said Jasmine and took the Feeldoe off Sam. She let out a little gasp as she inserted it into her pussy. Admiring her self in the mirror with this black cock between her legs she said “I’ve got to get myself one of these!” Sam climbed onto the bed, Jasmine followed and took hold of Sam’s stockinged legs and pushed them up until Sam’s ankles were on her shoulders. Jasmine slowly push the black cock into Sam’s eager pussy. “Ohh yessss, breathed Sam, fuck me!” Jasmine started to push harder and faster she lifted Sam’s bum up until only her shoulders were touching the bed. Her knees touching her shoulders as Jasmine drove hard and fast into her. It was a very erotic sight, and despite wanting a rest my hand moved to my sopping pussy and I started to bring myself off again. Both women were perspiring, Sam’s long hair was plastered over her face, one of her back suspenders had come undone and was hanging free. She was gasping and moaning as Jasmine fucked her hard. “Oh God, yes, oh fuck, harder, fuck me harder!” She gasped. Jasmine was pushing deeper harder, she too was gasping “Oh fuck, I’m going to come! she gasped and both women came violently shaking and Gasping. I came too, waves of pleasure coursing through my body. We all collapsed on the bed kissing and cuddling, I looked at Jasmine quizzically, “Head of House Keeping?” I said. She smiled sheepishly. “ I spotted you both in the corridor and followed you at a discreet distance. I knew your room had been made up by the Maids so I quickly grabbed some towels and let myself in.” “But how did know you’d get invited to join us?” I asked “Seven years ago I had my first Lesbian experience with a mysterious Auburn haired lady when I was a Maid here, she smiled. Ever since then I’ve had this sixth sense about women who might like company” “Well, said Sam, I’m glad it didn’t let you down, you’ve made my surprise much better. Wouldn’t you agree Sarah?” I couldn’t reply my tongue was too busy on Jasmines gaping, sweet wet pussy. The End
  5. Guest

    female Rubber Doll's Toys

    From the album: Rubber Doll

    Rubber Doll shows off her collection of toys shes uses on other women
  6. Version


    Enjoy PC Cuntstuble Squirter strip and play wearing her sussies.
  7. Ladies, I would love you to show off your favorite toys.... and if you are happen to be using them .... well so much the better.... Thanks in advance Phil
  8. Saucy & Shy Guy

    female Saucy Bedroom Fun With Mrs Hornyfan

    Last time Mrs Hornyfan came to visit we had loads of time to have fun together. When we got home after a horny day at Saucy's office, we decided to pop upstairs to the bedroom and enjoy each other even more. There was lots of laughter and a lovely surprise for us to play with too...... Hope you have as much fun with the pics as we had taking them xxx
  9. MrsHornyfan

    female NUN , of that ....

    Yes , its Halloween soon and iv got two sets to share with you so , lets get started shall we ..... Pray for me please ..... My little demon is taking over .... And telling me to be wicked .... not that i need telling ... lol
  10. Exclusivegames

    couple Bedroom tease

    Seems the bedroom pose got hot
  11. Exclusivegames

    couple Bedroom tease

    Seems the bedroom pose got hot
  12. Saucy & Shy Guy

    female Saucy Bedroom Fun With Mrs Hornyfan

    As some of you will already know Mrs Hornyfan and Saucy had a lovely weekend together before Christmas and spent the morning in the woods having some fun together, then popped along to Saucy's office and did what girls love to do when they are feeling frisky. After a few hours we went home and after dinner Mrs Hornyfan and Saucy disappeared upstairs while the guys where watching a bit of TV....... It wasn't long before they realised we were missing and came upstairs to see what we were up to, luckily they had their cameras at the ready.........
  13. Guest

    female Rubber Doll

    From the album: Rubber Doll

    Rubber Doll shows off her collection of toys shes uses on other women
  14. Amateur Parties

    3 Girls In A Fishnet

    Would you like to see what they got up to?
  15. P being VERY naughty...and for Hidemeuke, Enjoy...... .
  16. dreamweaver01


    From the album: The Big One

  17. dreamweaver01


    From the album: The Big One

  18. dreamweaver01


    From the album: The Big One

  19. legover3139

    What a night !

    We had fun, hope that you enjoy too !
  20. legover3139

    What a night 2

    All ended in a sperm bath of course !
  21. Amateur Parties

    Black Underwear And Toys

    Looking sexy and armed with toys, the girls set about having some girl girl fun.
  22. slutwife

    Playing In My Undies

    Hop you like my new album [Hidden Content]
  23. Now this was fun....stripping in front of a graffiti covered wall by a railway track during the day....in my stockings, panties, bra and suspenders...with my little fun friend....lol btw, these piccies are video captures.....

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