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Found 197 results

  1. True South

    male First Pics

    Introduced myself previously, but wasn't sure where to post these first pics of myself in a pair of my wife's panties. Not exactly lingerie or x dressing.
  2. i made myself cum then stuffed my panties up my wet cunt for my pantie slave to wank with
  3. Daughter stayed over a while back, I just couldn't help myself, yummy ankle boots and her panties.
  4. Does'nt Denice's bum look good!
  5. A new set of Cameron
  6. Am I alone in finding BIG pants (especially white ones) supersexy on a lady? Here are some I have shot over the years
  7. Youpo

    Introdicing Maddie

    This is sweet and moody Maddie
  8. Katie Exhibitionist

    female Sexy Panties

    Some sexy panties
  9. Lucylegstoo

    female Dressing the tree

    So it's that time of year again with a strange man cumming down my chimney... When I dress the tree, Mr LL thinks it's a good idea if I dress up too Who am I to argue? Lucy X
  10. lysanxius

    Just lay down and look up

    Just lay dawn and see what's under her skirt
  11. Can't decide what to wear to work, I've got a few options. Option 1
  12. Taurusgirl

    female Monday play day

    Day off work , hmmm what to do
  13. dunedain

    couple Todays purchase

    Just bought these today, I hope you like them. I'll get pop them on later and model them while Mr D takes some pics, xxx
  14. Doug

    Heel job

    More heel job than footjob, but i think it still belongs here
  15. seductiveone

    Ofice girl

    New girl in the office Should I take her on?
  16. oldergent371

    A Short Dissertation on Panties

    Let me confess. I am 73, a lifelong panty fet. I'll get to stockings later! Here are some thoughts based on my experience & observations. Others may care to add their comments. The shots are of my 72 yo wife. Happy to exchange ideas & impressions with like minded (stricken? infatuated?) people. A Short Dissertation on Panties – Thoughts of a Panty Fetishist I begin with the presumption that all men have been aroused by panties, at some time or, in the case of a panty fet, constantly. As a confirmed fet I will confess to not being able to walk through a department store without traversing the lingerie section. I recall accompanying my wife to a lingerie section where she made a purchase. She confided in the saleswoman that I was in my seventh heaven, surrounded by panties. The woman smiled & said ‘You’d be surprised at what we see & hear in this department’. It was store policy not to allow men to accompany women to the fitting rooms. Some men, the writer included, enjoy the feel of wearing women’s panties., not just for fun around the house but even under one’s clothing in public. There is something decidedly wicked about that. Secret men’s business! On occasions my wife enjoys having me in bed wearing panties. She gets a giggle out of that & is happy to pander to my fetish. I own 3 pairs of women’s panties. I purchased them at a department store, not from a flash specialist venue. I suspect the young woman on the checkout thoiught I was an ageing gay man buying up for the next panty party. Paying for them was relatively easy to cope with. Not so easy was the selection process. If one takes too long, people can easily gain the wrong impression, some dodgy pervert indulging his sordid imagination. One needs to be mindful that there are people prepared to call the store manager in such circumstances. Thus the selection process must needs be hurried. And one needs to know the size! The sheer variety of panties is in itself a delight to contemplate. They all have their good points, even white cottons. If I had to nominate a personal favourite it would be French knickers. They kiss the skin & look good as they brush against a woman’s skin when she walks. They also allow easy fucking up the leg! Panties are female decoration. Smart women know how to exploit their appeal, how to tease a man with them. Women also enjoy panties in their own right. Indeed, some women are themselves lingerie freaks. I know of one woman who owned at least 40 pairs. Panties have a strong element of symbolism. They cover the delights of the centre of the universe, tantalising a man to imagine what they conceal. There is also symbolism in a woman consenting to removal of her panties, thus declaring her willingness to make her body available to a man. A knowing woman can enhance the tease by murmuring to a man ‘Take my panties off’, one of the sexiest things a woman can say to a man. Eating a meal with a woman dressed only in panties is good fun. I once had a woman play a Beethoven sonata at a grand piano wearing only brief black panties. Women learn the power of panties in teenage years, when some make panty flashing an art form. A huge advantage in attending a co-ed school with 700 girl students was the guarantee of panty flashes during breaks. At my school many girls would sit on the grass. Sitting or standing provided many opportunities for girls to flash (white cottons) & for lads to get a glimpse. That was all harmless fun, part of growing up. In adult life some women have perfected flashing as a female wile. It never loses its appeal to a mere male. Who has not witnessed a woman bending over, even in the garden or at the clothes line, inadvertently (most of the time, anyway!) giving a flash. Panties absorb both juice & scent from the cunt. Some lads discover this in teenage years, taking sneaky sniffs of their older sisters’ knickers. One was never disappointed by the goodies in panties worn by hormone riddled, horny teenage girls. Their scent of arousal was very obvious. When I became aware of arousal scent for the first time I didn’t wash that finger for 2 days, showering with one arm extended away from the water! Body secretions were always interesting. Most adult women would have experienced the phenomenon of a cum leak. Many a woman has had an affair by her man exposed by finding semen soaked panties left carelessly in the washing basket. Wonderfully imaginative games can be played with panties. A parade by a woman of say 5 pairs, to let her man decide which pair she should wear. Giving a man the task of washing her panties. Putting a man in charge of her panty drawer, keeping them carefully folded. Masturbating a man with a pair of panties. Stroking his body with a pair. Ah, the possibilities! These are fun things & sex can’t be serious all the time. The joy of having a woman return home, take off her panties, toss them to her man saying the like of ‘Here, play with these while I get us a glass of wine’. And then there is the traditional female ploy of going without panties, a gesture guaranteed to excite the male of the species. Circumstances can vary, from the corny (‘Oh my goodness, I’ve forgotten my panties’) to the deliberate (‘I won’t wear panties, it’ll save time’) to the provocative public removal (in a restaurant, or while walking after say the theatre). In jovial mood, some women will respond to a dare to take them off publicly. Add your own impressions to these rambling thoughts. We’ve all ‘been there, done that’ to some extent.
  17. What on earth indeed here, Mrs Gmop been shopping and got me some new pants 'oh good' I thought could do we some new ones, well these not exactly Marks & Spencers The Gmop's Mods / Admin hope its ok to post these pic's
  18. My friend Kylie actually made this video herself...she wet her shiny panties, then soaked her skirt so much you can clearly see through it.
  19. karolina

    female Hello

    Hello. I am Karolina
  20. View File Masturbating In Panties Halo has lips to die for and you get a super good closeup of them as she pulls her panties to the side and masturbates for your pleasure. Submitter Youpo Submitted 09/05/16 Category Female Solo Movies Movie Quality  
  21. Lauren wrote this: When you see my first pictures in this set, you will not believe what happens to me by the end. I am wearing a below the knee blue plaid skirt, sensible high heel oxfords, a prissy white blouse and a cardigan over my shoulders. But I do let you look up my skirt as I squat in front of the camera and you can peek at my sheer fifties briefs with the frilly legs and wide garter belt. I even lift my skirt right up. But once more this is just too much for the guy taking the pictures. He sneaks out from behind the camera and starts to grope me all over. He fondles my bottom, sticks his hands right in my panties and then plays with my garter straps. He undoes my blouse and feels my bra, then pulls my boobs out and really squeezes them hard. But by now all of this is having its effect. The cheeky devil asks me to give him a blow job. Not only that, but he demands I deep throat him. So being the polite older woman that I am, I go wild on him. I take his manhood all the way down the back of my throat. He is really getting way too horny at this point. He puts his cock between my breasts and then slides down and proceeds to give me a real seeing to with his tongue. God is he good. Then after making me pose for him with my bottom in the air for all to see (he was mumbling something about my white transparent briefs as he stroked himself), he removes my panties and proceeds to push them inside me as he plays with my swollen clitoris with his fingers. There I am, just wearing a garter belt and stockings, my legs spread wide, with a pair of panties pushed in my pussy but horny as a toad. Sometimes life is just so good.
  22. Youpo

    Krissy's Panties

    You call them knickers in the UK right?

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