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Found 154 results

  1. craigybigboy

    male Outside Views

    Hi Ladies, Myself outdoors exposing myself naked and semi naked, I hope you enjoy the views xx
  2. DrJimmy

    male Birthday

    Good morning ladies Its 3 days into October and I turn 61 at the end of the month so can you please make an old guy very happy by posting a photo or two of yourself in any state of dress or undress as a lead up birthday treat xxxxx I'm a tit man, pussy man, arse man leg man....fuck it I just love the female form regardless of size and shape xxxx Pussy close ups much appreciated
  3. stephenstone60

    male My Stockings Group

    Hi my name is Stephen I am looking forward to viewing and reading the many topic forums on this site, I myself have stockings group pages on a yahoo site if anybody on this site would like to visit my group's pages to upload some pics or just browse through the thousands of pics please feel free to do so, at the moment I have 3 group pages the !st includes images of ladies wearing stockings from vintage men's magazines, in uniforms, tv and film, glamour models, celebrities real and fake pics and much, much more. My 2nd group contains thousands of more images of animated cartoons, art, and illustrations of ladies wearing stockings, My 3rd you should view only if you are not offended by images of people having sex wearing stockings if this is you I urge you not to visit this group (you have been warned, it is not my intention to offend anyone). All my pictures have been picked from free to view sites and in most cases have been edited by me for your viewing pleasure if you wish to visit just copy and paste this address I look forward to seeing some of you, bye for now [Hidden Content]
  4. New to this..... A few shots of me showing my appreciation of the wife stockings.
  5. oopsagain1

    male WHos on line

    Since the new layout I can’t see who is on line anymore I use my iPhone as always out and about anybody have same problem ??
  6. craigybigboy

    male Legs and bum

    Hi Everyone, Here i'am showing off my legs and my bum in lingerie,hope all looks okay to you xxx
  7. stockingleglover

    male Is hairy a No-No here?

    I’d love to show off here but I’m quite hairy and I can’t not be, of unsee what I mean. would that put folks off of i posted? Please please be brutally honest. I can take it and won’t be offended
  8. My self in the sunny outdoors
  9. observerman

    male Those wank mags from over 50 years ago

    Adrienne Houston in a classic Spick/Span pose....
  10. robbo_76

    male Page Layout Changed?

    Hi all I only ever use my phone to visit the site but over the last few days the page layout has changed, only slightly but it’s changed is this the same for everyone or have I done something wrong? Of I go to my profile I cannot see those I follow, I cannot see who is online and other silly little bits have changed. as I say is it just me or this happened to us all?
  11. Robbies

    male Robbies

    Hello, My name is Robbies and I love to see Ladies in seamed stockings.
  12. Taffman01


    Dont know how true it is ..but ..I'll keep at it ..😜😎 [Hidden Content]
  13. DrJimmy

    male HEELS!

    Good morning ladies. I've been Inspired by Saucy & Shy Guy's Saucy Shoe Porn thread to ask you all to post pics of your favourite heels whether they are flat, kitten, cuban or stiletto, all are welcome. Thank you all in advance xxx DJ
  14. Taffman01


    Having recently spent a couple of days away to go and see probably the greatest rock band in being ..Iron Maiden..and seeing some of the ladies in their rockingest finery ( and some were at their jean tightening best 😈)..got me thinking ..What would be your wildest rock chick ensemble ? ..wearing as much or little as you like ladies it's all up to you 😍 x
  15. Taffman01


    THE NAUGHTY STEP A place I sat when I was naughty, But now I'm older, well past forty, I sit and contemplate the view above. A vision of sexiness I do love, A woman walking up my stairs With stocking clad legs such a wonderful pair. Will she stop and play a while With her mischievous deeds and wicked smile. This is my request if you wish to play Add a photo or two and make my day.
  16. Hi all, its nice to be on this site, its so friendly. I love to dress sexy when Im in the house alone, I hope that you like to.
  17. DrJimmy


    While I abhor photos taken and published without permission and taken without the ladies knowledge I totally support the bill to make upskirting an offence but I do enjoy a good upskirt photo taken of course with the models permission.. Ladies can you please submit your best or worse upskirt, the more candid the better please
  18. rammituppa

    male Hi, from UK, Nottingham

    Although profile says I am from USA, in fact I am in the heart of England Anyone local?
  19. Cullie

    male IMG_0561.JPG

    From the album: Stockings

    © Cullie

  20. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    this is a video of chris ellis exercising naked outside in his garden
  21. View File chris ellis exercises naked outside this is a video of chris ellis exercising naked outside in his garden Submitter chrisuknudemale Submitted 07/11/2018 Category Exhibitionist And Outdoor Member Movies Movie Quality Low Quality  
  22. From a recent medical fetish shoot. Gave me the shivers
  23. DrJimmy


    Ladies, make the good Doctor a happy popper by showing him your Bras, anything will do from your everyday wear at work or dressed to impress in the boudoir please show them here. Wearing them is preferred but if you want to show your undies drawer or hanging on your washing line then feel free. DrJ xxxxxx
  24. Cullie

    male IMG_0530.JPG

    From the album: Stockings

    Lovely combination
  25. ajg029

    male day out

    a few shots from a warm sunny mornin