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Found 132 results

  1. DrJimmy

    male Viagra Connect

    Hi all Doing my weekly shop last night at my local Tesco's I had reason to call at the in store chemist and noticed a large sized advert for Viagra Connect behind the counter and packets of 4 for £20 and packets of 8 for £35 Being a certain age and sometimes having semi erections and not the diamond cutters of youth I wondered if the over the counter little blue pills were the same dosage strength of the prescribed ones and can I ask if any of the good ladies or gentlemen of this site have have tried or have any experience of Viagra Connect and would you share your experience on here. Do they get the thumbs up or thumbs down? Who knows, depending on your experiences I may have a try of these blue saviours and Mrs Jimmy may get to experience what once was of our early years together :) Mr Jim xx
  2. i starded a new topic for show all my dressing room exhibe please tell me you opnion
  3. DrJimmy


    Ladies, make the good Doctor a happy popper by showing him your Bras, anything will do from your everyday wear at work or dressed to impress in the boudoir please show them here. Wearing them is preferred but if you want to show your undies drawer or hanging on your washing line then feel free. DrJ xxxxxx
  4. scottishbull1979

    male Hey, Scottish Bull Ready For Duty

    Hey everyone, I'm Scott from Glasgow, Scotland. Interested to see what the forum has to offer!
  5. John80

    male New here

    Hi I am new to all this, I love women in ultra sheer nude lingerie, would love to comment/chat about pics john
  6. Nick75

    male Hello

    Hi, New.... Married man who's unfortunately getting none.... Help! Love all nylons, really love tights, seamed are best... xxx
  7. oopsagain1

    male My birthday

    All you wonderful sexy stocking ladies what would you wear for me as a birthday treat xx
  8. ff40

    male Nylonfan from France

    Happy to be here, single man from France, 44 years old, nylon addict for a long time, hope to have fun with you!
  9. DrJimmy

    male Lady Gardens

    I've noticed recently that some posters have been sporting magnificent lady gardens and a thought occurred to me that after years of shaven havens there must be a generation of men who have never experienced the pleasures of a furry hole. So ladies if you would be kind enough to post photo's of your glorious muffs whether it be styled, wild, shaped or stubble lets see them in all of their glory. Oh and what do you prefer, baldy, full glory or somewhere in between? Dr Jimmy
  10. Nick75

    male Hello

    Hi, New.... Married man who's unfortunately getting none.... Help! Love all nylons, really love tights, seamed are best... xxx
  11. Kenboy

    male Heels

    Hi I am a big fan of sexy heels please post a pic or 2 of you wearing your sexiest heels thanks
  12. Taffman01


    I was wondering what the ladies like to wear most shoes or boots?. I have a little boot fetish ..some might already know lol. So I was hoping if you would like to share a photo or two? .. Maybe one in shoes and another in boots Taff
  13. Is there any subtle hints a 👫 might try to offer a would be voyeur in a similar scenario as what you describe on the coach?
  14. DrJimmy

    male Christmas Party Season

    Well its the 1st December so its officially party season and time to get your gladrags on. Ladies, please post photos of your favourite party outfit and what you will wear to the office party or works do and what you get up to after xx You will make an old guy here very happy lol
  15. knightstempler

    male Creampies

    Have any of you wonderful ladies got any Creampie shots that you would like to share with us
  16. astonecum

    male A newcomer from France

    Hello from France I am a 48 years old man I love women wearing lingerie, a garter with stockings..... I crack I also like to wear them I enclose a few pictures to start (my butt) Couples, women and men well come (precision I'm not gay) I like to make cumtribute thank you for commenting my photos in order to excite me and motivate me for future I kiss you all
  17. observerman

    male Those wank mags from over 50 years ago

    Adrienne Houston in a classic Spick/Span pose....
  18. Stockingloverfrance

    male Newbie

    Hi All, Love to see women wearing stockings. Real nylons are a bonus. Corsets, girdles and other lingerie even better! Used to live in the South East. Now in France. will be posting some of the good Lady.
  19. not been here for a while so hi to new and old
  20. Ladies, I would love you to show off your favorite toys.... and if you are happen to be using them .... well so much the better.... Thanks in advance Phil
  21. I don't know about other guys but my stocking fetish is born in my childhood, i'm sure. When I was a mere w, my mother and her friends would hold my hands and let me straddle their stockinged leg (playing a riding horse game). They would lift their leg and I would slide up and down. Then when I would be playing on the floor they would slip their shoes off and rub their stockinged foot all over me, sometimes on my face too. (that must be why I get sooo hard from the scent of well worn stockings).NOTE, pantyhose had not come on the market yet. So as I grew older, say 5-8, I would sneak in my mothers or sisters or friends mom's stocking drawer to see what the scent was, as I wasn't getting any of these smells anymore and would get this good feeling over my whole body, especially between my legs, with every wiff. So I discovered as I started to experience my first ejaculations, that they were much more pleasurable and longer while smelling these stockings. So to this day, just the thought of a wiff of a stockinged foot, sends a chill down my spine and a rise in my levis'. I have found that this scent can also come from pantyhose, when worn in leather shoes and are unusually arousing when they are of the reinforced toe variety. The thicker area seems to multiply the scent and thus the arousal. I am a straight guy, 71 year old and anymore, only seem to have my fading memories to enjoy. Hope this stirs the juices of some, as I have found that I am not alone in my joy of the scent of a stocking clad foot. First off, let me thank you for all the pics that get posted here, and tell you that I get lots of pleasure fantasizing about how good it would be to have my nose (or those smelly stockings) under those stocking covered toes, warm and fresh out of heels. My wife used to wear for me a few times a week, knowing what a rise she would get out of me when she either dangled the well worn smellies under my nose as she rode me or would let me smell them on her feet while she stroked me or gave me a BJ. But about ten years ago, she was diagnosed with MS and hasn’t worn for the last 7-8 years or so. So I’m left with the memories of those smelly stockings (my life long aphrodisiac) and pics and vids here on the net. This is fine, but it is getting harder and harder to remember that smell,… the one that makes my nose twitch and that warm feeling to grow between my legs. I am retired now and am on a very limited budget, (with all of her medical expenses), So I cant afford the prices that some are asking for their well worn stockings. I fantasize about one day finding a lady who knows what joy this gives us longtime stocking fetish guys, and offers to send me just one pair of her smelly stockings. So I give great cyber to some who enjoy that from me, hoping that they will send something. I’ve been told I have very talented fingers, lips and tongue, and have brought quite a few ladies to an explosive orgasm with just my chat. I imagine doing this while looking at their pics, but that is not what I am writing about.
  22. stockingcouture70

    male My dick molded in pantyhose

    Really sublime to feel his cock under the nylon, all guys should try at least once in their life, I love it and you can ask my wife believe me when she sees my cock as stiff and hard she is always amazed A tip of nylon makes me as much effect, for a good part of fuck we both put in pantyhose and really extra .........
  23. philr

    male Watching ladies pee

    I have always loved seeing a lady pee..... I think it all started for me many years ago when I visited a photo studio in Stoke on Trent. The model was gorgeous, we got some great pictures and made a short video. Then towards the end of the video she reached for a small bowl and peed into it! It was a bit of a surprise but was so sexy.... Is it just me or do any of you lovely ladies enjoy being watched? If so I would love to hear about your exploits and maybe see your pictures Thanks for looking in and I hope I haven't offended anyone with this topic Phil
  24. New to this..... A few shots of me showing my appreciation of the wife stockings.

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