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Found 174 results

  1. mg76

    male Sexy Pantyhose photos

    Hello all, well not posted for a while and I have a request for all female members to post there sexy pantyhose/tights photos, black and navy are my favourite colour but I don't like fishnets.
  2. DrJimmy

    male British Airways Ladies

    Stumbled accross these this morning, as you do
  3. knightstempler

    male Creampies

    Have any of you wonderful ladies got any Creampie shots that you would like to share with us
  4. Hi Everyone Here are my latest photos of myself in black and tan bra,suspender belt,stockings,thong and heels I hope you like what you see xxx
  5. Hi Everyone, Myself in tan stockings,hopefully you will like what you see
  6. Always love a bit of time in these.
  7. Just got my first pair of STW tights - 15 denier black and natural Fiore - just wow, they look devine and feel great! If you haven’t tried them......I suggest you do - I never thought tights could ever be sexy........😍
  8. Slipped these on for a few minutes. Worn yesterday by my better half.
  9. Good Evening Everyone, These are brand new photos taken today,no old ones and this is how I look at the present time,i hope you like these few photos of me naked. First of me seated and flaccid The second of me standing with a big hard on And the third one of me standing with a big hard on, Comments welcome, Thank you
  10. True South

    male First Pics

    Introduced myself previously, but wasn't sure where to post these first pics of myself in a pair of my wife's panties. Not exactly lingerie or x dressing.
  11. True South

    male Just Joined

    Hi all - married guy from the south east here with a big passion for ladies in nylons. Occasionally wear myself for personal enjoyment.
  12. craigybigboy

    male 1.mp4

    View File 1.mp4 1.mp4 Full nudity and big cock. Submitter craigybigboy Submitted 12/03/2018 Category Male Members Movies Movie Quality High Quality MP4  
  13. craigybigboy

    male 1.mp4

    Version 1.0.0


    1.mp4 Full nudity and big cock.
  14. craigybigboy

    male Full Nudity.MP4

    View File Full Nudity.MP4 Full Nudity.MP4 Submitter craigybigboy Submitted 12/03/2018 Category Male Members Movies Movie Quality High Quality MP4  
  15. craigybigboy

    male Full Nudity.MP4

    Version 1.0.0


    Full Nudity.MP4
  16. craigybigboy

    male Had a dabble once

    Hi Everyone, Once upon a time I did don a bra,stockings,suspender belt and heels and here was the result,totally out of character for me it was embarrassing but fun in a strange way and I probably look ridiculous
  17. Taffman01

    male FUNNIES

    If you got something you think it's funny please share ..
  18. DrJimmy

    male HEELS!

    Good morning ladies. I've been Inspired by Saucy & Shy Guy's Saucy Shoe Porn thread to ask you all to post pics of your favourite heels whether they are flat, kitten, cuban or stiletto, all are welcome. Thank you all in advance xxx DJ
  19. stockingleglover

    male Under suit work attire

    So, for quite some time now I’ve been wearing stockings and suspenders or some other suitably suspending lingerie under my suit. Sometimes circumstances dictate it has to be hold ups, but almost always it’s seams for me. i travel a lot on public transport and I don’t bother anymore to hide my ankles with socks and I wear slip on shoes so I can make the fact I’m wearing nylons and have painted toenails accidentally on purpose quite visible, and I love to observe people’s reactions, especially the ladies who in the most part are either intreagued, interested, highly amused or pretend they haven’t seen it. One or two harsh reactions but that hasn’t put me off. so here’s what I wore today (ok, maybe not the heels). Seamed plum colour Eleganti FFN, kickers, and a fair bit of perfume for that extra sexy edge.
  20. mg76

    male Cold times ahead....

    Hi not been on here for a while, since the weather has gone colder I'm looking for ladies in various coloured tights, pantyhose... Mainly seamless or sheer black. So come on ladies show me what I've been missing???
  21. DrJimmy

    male Birthday

    Good morning ladies Its 3 days into October and I turn 61 at the end of the month so can you please make an old guy very happy by posting a photo or two of yourself in any state of dress or undress as a lead up birthday treat xxxxx I'm a tit man, pussy man, arse man leg man....fuck it I just love the female form regardless of size and shape xxxx Pussy close ups much appreciated
  22. craigybigboy

    male Outside Views

    Hi Ladies, Myself outdoors exposing myself naked and semi naked, I hope you enjoy the views xx
  23. stockingleglover

    male In full dress up mode

    I’ve the place to myself today, so it’s full dress up mode time. Frshly shaved legs etc, freshly painted toenails Jonathan Aston contrast seams, Agent provocateur suspender belt, ann summers body and my sexiest heels. hope you all enjoy. If only I had someone to have fun with xx
  24. craigybigboy

    male Big rock hard erections

    Hi Ladies, I have big rock hard erections very often and this is the result,i hope you like what you see
  25. craigybigboy

    male Taken Today

    Hi Ladies, These pics were taken today

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