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Found 32 results

  1. Arnold Layne

    female The P A Part 2 Three's Company

    Here is the the further adventures of Sarah & Sam, I hope you enjoy it. As ever feel free to ad any pics you might think will illustrate it 😊 The P.A. Episode 2 - Three's Company Hi my name is Sarah, you may recall in my last story of how my relationship with my Boss Sam changed in an interesting and sexy way. Things didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped though. In the following months after her promotion Sam spent a lot of time away from the office visiting other offices, so we hardly saw each other. The company was to hold a conference over three days in the City. Sam was expected to attend and of course she needed her P.A. with her, at last it looked like we could spend some time together and at the company expense. The day of the conference arrived, I made my way to the Hotel, Sam was flying in later that night, so we couldn’t get together until the next day. The next morning there was a Breakfast Meeting at 8am so the delegates could meet and get to know/catch up with each other. Finally I saw Sam she looked stunning as ever wearing a dark grey pinstripe wide leg trouser suit, cream blouse and killer heels. We spent the next hour chatting to other delegates and catching up with old colleagues. With breakfast finished the meeting wrapped up just after 9am, the next meeting wasn’t until 12.30 so most people went out to see the sights. Sam had other ideal though, she pulled me to one side and said “I’ve got a surprise for you, let’s go to your room.” We walked back to my room giggling like Schoolgirls, briefly pulling ourselves together as we passed a rather attractive member of staff who smiled at us in a slightly knowing way. Once in my room Sam wasted no time in pushing me against the wall and started kissing me passionately. I responded and our tongues flicked in and out each others mouths. Sam started to kiss my neck, at the same time I felt her hand move down to the hem of my dress and pull it up until her hand rested on my panties. I gasped as her hand slid into my panties and found my wet pussy. “I see your looking forward to this as much as me” she grinned. She pulled out her hand and said “I’ve something to show you.” Opening her bag she pulled out a Dildo but not like any I’ve seen before. It was a stylised black cock but it had like a handle on it which made into an L shape. “It’s called a Feeldoe, explained Sam, this part goes in me and the shaft goes in you. It’s like a strap on only we both get the pleasure.” With that she started kissing me and I felt her unzip my dress and let it slide to the floor leaving me standing in my silver grey bra, pants, suspender belt, platinum grey RHT stockings and heels. Not wanting to be left out and still kissing passionately I slid off her jacket and pushed down her trousers, then I unbuttoned her blouse. She was left in a cream lacy bra with matching panties, deep lacy suspender belt and copper coloured Fully Fashioned stockings and those black killer heels. Now it was time for her to gasp as I unclipped her bra and started to suck and kiss her nipples. “Bed” she gasped and pulled me towards it, she pushed me on to the bed and peeled off her panties. Then she put one leg on a chair and inserted the Feeldoe into her pussy. She stood up with her hands on her hips. “What do you think?” she said. The effect was very arousing, there was my boss looking, for all the world, like she had a large black cock between her legs. “I think you might need a little extra lubrication, and it’s been too long since I’ve tasted you” she said and pulled down my panties, kneeling between my legs she buried her face in my pussy. I let out a moan and unclipped my bra and started to play with my nipples. Sam’s tongue found my clit and I started to breathe heavy as she brought me close to the brink. Just then I heard a noise, I looked up and to my horror the staff member I saw earlier was stood in the doorway holding some towels. In the excitement I’d forgotten to put the Do Not Disturb sign up and lock the door! “Sam, Sam! Forchrissake stop! We’ve got company!” I hissed. “Mmmm, what?” said Sam looking confused. I motioned to the door, Sam followed my gaze. “Oh, she said, then she took me completely by surprise by saying to the girl. “Well, either get out or come and join us!” The girl turned around, placed the towels on the dressing table, took the Do Not Disturb sign from the back of the door, placed it on the front of the door, closed and locked it! Turning around she slowly started to walk towards us with a smile on her face, slowly unbuttoning her blouse as she went. She was a very attractive mixed race girl in her mid twenties with flawless dark skin, deep brown eyes, long black hair tied in a pony tail and a fabulous figure. She was wearing a lilac blouse with a purple knee length skirt, black tights and low heel black patent shoes. As she approached us I could see her name tag which said her name was Jasmine and she was Head of House Keeping. By the time she got to us her blouse was undone revealing a white lacy bra. Her hand slipped to the waistband of her skirt and she undid the zip and let the skirt fall. Underneath she was wearing skimpy white lacy panties over a pair of Body Free tights. I have a few pairs of these myself, they are open at the crotch and sides. I sometimes wear them when I can’t be bothered with suspender belts and stockings. Jasmine quickly unclipped her bra and slipped out of her panties. She knelt on the bed beside me and without a word started to kiss me, her tongue exploring my mouth as her fingers started to play with the nipple on my right breast. I heard Sam give a contented sigh and continued to lick my pussy. Jasmine started to move down kissing my neck until she was sucking my nipples. As she was doing that my hand found her wet pussy and I started to finger her. She let out a little moan as I found her clit. Meanwhile Sam was working on my pussy, pushing her tongue into me and flicking my clit as she pulled it out. With her pleasuring my pussy and Jasmine sucking and nibbling my nipples I soon started to shake as a massive orgasm approached. I let out a groan as my body started to shake as waves of pleasure swept over my body. As I lay there panting I heard Sam say “I think your about ready now”. And before I could protest she pushed my legs open and started to fuck me with the Feeldoe between her legs. She started slowly pushing in until she was deep inside me trusting with deep steady strokes. It felt fantastic and I started to gasp as she pushed harder into me with my ankles on her shoulders. Sam too was panting as the other end of the Feeldoe pushed into her pussy. Jasmine was watching with interest, then she swung her leg over my head until she was astride it, facing Sam, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I took the hint and started to suck and lick he sweet pussy, judging by the sounds from above she and Sam were kissing passionately. Then I felt my shoe being removed and Jasmine started to kiss and suck my feet and toes! I never had that done before it felt so erotic! As she was doing that her other hand slid down my belly until she was fingering my clit while Sam thrust deeply into me. I let out a deep moan and holding on to Jasmines Nylon clad thighs buried my face in her sopping wet pussy. It was all too much for me, I thought I was going to pass out as Sam fucked me deeper and Jasmine worked on my clit and once again I felt my body start to shake as another orgasm surged through my body. As I lay there panting again Sam withdrew from me and Jasmine climbed off saying “Mmmm, I’ve got to have a taste of that!” With that she knelt between my legs and stuck her bottom out and wiggled it invitingly to Sam. Sam took the hint and pushed into her pussy fucking her doggy style. Jasmine grabbed hold of my thighs and moved her mouth towards my pussy. “No, wait, let me recover!” I gasped, but it was too late Jasmines tongue was already licking my gaping, wet pussy. I threw my head back and moaned, I don’t know how much more I can take of this! Jasmines face was being pushed into my pussy as Sam thrusted harder into her, I could hear both women breathing harder as they were approaching their climaxes. I too started to feels my third orgasm approach and started to buck and writhe as Jasmines tongue lapped at my clit. I think Jasmine came first, moaning as her body shook, then me, gasping and shaking, clamping my nylon clad thighs round Jasmines head. Finally Sam Came pumping harder into jasmine and moaning. We laid there for a while recovering, Sam stood up and removed the Feeldoe. “My turn” She said. “ I can’t, I gasped, I need a rest!” I got up, my legs were like jelly and slumped into a chair. “I’ll do it” said Jasmine and took the Feeldoe off Sam. She let out a little gasp as she inserted it into her pussy. Admiring her self in the mirror with this black cock between her legs she said “I’ve got to get myself one of these!” Sam climbed onto the bed, Jasmine followed and took hold of Sam’s stockinged legs and pushed them up until Sam’s ankles were on her shoulders. Jasmine slowly push the black cock into Sam’s eager pussy. “Ohh yessss, breathed Sam, fuck me!” Jasmine started to push harder and faster she lifted Sam’s bum up until only her shoulders were touching the bed. Her knees touching her shoulders as Jasmine drove hard and fast into her. It was a very erotic sight, and despite wanting a rest my hand moved to my sopping pussy and I started to bring myself off again. Both women were perspiring, Sam’s long hair was plastered over her face, one of her back suspenders had come undone and was hanging free. She was gasping and moaning as Jasmine fucked her hard. “Oh God, yes, oh fuck, harder, fuck me harder!” She gasped. Jasmine was pushing deeper harder, she too was gasping “Oh fuck, I’m going to come! she gasped and both women came violently shaking and Gasping. I came too, waves of pleasure coursing through my body. We all collapsed on the bed kissing and cuddling, I looked at Jasmine quizzically, “Head of House Keeping?” I said. She smiled sheepishly. “ I spotted you both in the corridor and followed you at a discreet distance. I knew your room had been made up by the Maids so I quickly grabbed some towels and let myself in.” “But how did know you’d get invited to join us?” I asked “Seven years ago I had my first Lesbian experience with a mysterious Auburn haired lady when I was a Maid here, she smiled. Ever since then I’ve had this sixth sense about women who might like company” “Well, said Sam, I’m glad it didn’t let you down, you’ve made my surprise much better. Wouldn’t you agree Sarah?” I couldn’t reply my tongue was too busy on Jasmines gaping, sweet wet pussy. The End
  2. Arnold Layne

    female The PA. Sam & Sarah's Story

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place I couldn't think where else to put it. This is another story I wrote a while ago. It's a prequel to the story in the Crossdessing Forum. Hope you enjoy it. If anyone wants to add photos to illustrate it please feel free 😉 THE P.A. Sarah & Sam's Story Hello my name is Sarah, I've been working for the company for five years now, three of those years have been as a PA to my boss Sam. I love my job, I'm always made to feel appreciated and complemented on my appearance. When I found out my fiancée was seeing other women behind my back it was Sam who picked up the pieces and gave me time off to recover. As well as being a great boss Sam is also a respected and rising star in the company, because of this Sam has broken through the glass ceiling that hold some women back. Yes, that's right, Sam is Samantha and she is an inspiration to me, I guess you could say I have a school girl crush on her. Then, three months ago, all Sam's and my hard work finally came to fruition, in more ways than one... It was a Friday, and because it was a nice day, I was wearing a light floral dress. Underneath I was wearing a pale blue lacy bra, panties and suspender belt with tan lace top stockings and white strappy sandals. I had my long blond hair in a fishtail plait. My fiancée got me into stockings, although he's gone I still wear them because they are cooler and I feel feminine and sexy in them. As usual Sam complimented me on my appearance, then announced the partners were taking her out to lunch and she may be out for some time. This could only mean one thing, she was being promoted. Lunch time came and she stepped out of her office. She was wearing a burgundy skirt with matching jacket and a cream blouse with black court shoes and black seamed tights (stockings?). Her long black hair was tied in a pony tail and she looked stunning. "Will I do?" she asked nervously. "You look great, I replied, good luck." "Thanks" she smiled and got into the lift. The rest of the day I typed reports, letters and tied up some loose ends, I was in no rush to go home. I only had a ready meal, glass of wine and the soap operas to look forward to. About six I was the last in the building apart from the doorman and decided to pack up when I heard the lift door open. I looked up to see Sam walk out a little unsteady. "Oh good you're still here," she said, "I wanted you to be the first to know. I've been made a partner, I'm going to the top floor!" "That's fantastic, I replied although I was pleased for her I was sad inside because it meant she would have one of the executive PA's. "I've asked that you come with me, she said, because I couldn't have got it without your help" With that she flung her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I was a bit taken aback, I was even more surprised when she started to kiss my neck. She suddenly stopped and pulled back "Oh God Sarah I'm so sorry, it must be the wine" Now it was my turn to surprise her, I don't know what came over me but I felt suddenly aroused. I kissed her full on the lips, she seemed to melt and we started kissing passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouths. She broke away "The office", she gasped, and let me to her office where she locked the door and drew the blinds. I was perched on her desk, she came over to me and soon we were kissing passionately again. I felt the zip of my dress being pulled down, Sam started to eased my dress down following it with her lips until she came to my breasts. She unclasped my bra and soon she was kissing and nibbling my nipples. My head was swimming, I'd never done anything like this before, unless you count a drunken fumble as a teenager. Sam on the other hand had clearly done this before as she eased my backside away from the desk so my dress could fall to the floor. As she kissed and sucked my nipples her hand slowly slid down my tummy and slipped into my panties. I gasped as her fingers found my clit, my knickers were soaking as she worked on my pussy sending waves of pleasure through my body. Sam straightened up and gently pushed me back so I was laying on her desk with my legs over the edge. She started to kiss my tummy working her way down as she peeled off my panties, I let out a groan as she started to lap at my wet pussy. In the refection of a glass display cabinet I could see her skirt was pulled up and her hand was in her panties working on her pussy. By now I was flat on the desk my legs spread wide as she kissed, licked and sucked my pussy. I suddenly came with a shuddering orgasm like I've never felt before, I thought I was going to pass out. Sam got up and kissed me, I could taste my juices which I found strangely arousing. Smiling at me she started to undress until she was standing in just her stockings and suspenders and shoes. She went round to her desk and opened a bottom drawer from which she produced a dildo. "I have to use this on myself sometimes when you're looking particularly sexy" she said. I was stunned, my boss was having sexual fantasies about me and bringing herself off in her office. I thought when she locked the door and said she wasn't to be disturbed she was on a conference call! "My turn" she continues and lead me to the couch. She laid down and pulled me on top of her we kissed again and I started to move down her body as she did to me until I was sucking and kissing her breasts and nipples. My hand slipped between her thighs and I started to rub her pussy which was soaking. Odd that it felt so natural to me. She let out a sigh "I've wanted to do this with you since the first time I saw you, she said, and you're a stocking wearer like me which makes it even better!" I slid down until I was licking her pussy "Oh yessss!" she groaned as my tongue found her clit. "Turn around, she ordered, I want to taste you again", so we were now in the 69 position lapping at each others pussies. I felt her tongue being replaced by the dildo and threw my head back and moaned as she push it in and started to fuck me with it. I buried my head between her thighs feeling the sheer nylon against my cheeks, licking and sucking her pussy pushing my tongue deep into her as she continued to fuck me with the dildo. We were both gasping and moaning, it's a good job we were the last in the building!. Suddenly we both came with massive orgasms, my hips bucking pumping at the dildo while her legs clamped around my head pushing it harder against her spasming pussy. I don't know how long we laid there afterwards exhausted kissing gently swapping our pussy juices in our mouths. Eventually we got dressed and went back to her place where we spent the weekend making love. And that's how it's continued except the time when we had a threesome in a hotel room. But that, as they say, is another story.
  3. Well, my time alone is coming to an end. I probably won't be able to dress for a while if at all. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth and I'm not sure if I want to keep up this malarky anymore. These days I seem to be happy in a tee shirt and trackies with a beer watching the footie. Anyway sometimes inspiration strikes and I write an erotic story, so I thought I'd leave this with you. I hope you enjoy it. Alison and I have been together for a long time, she was a 17 year old Trainee Hairdresser, I was an 18 year old apprentice mechanic I think we knew right from the start that we were meant to be together. We got married a year later much to the horror of our parents. Another year on and we had started a family again with dire warnings from friends and family, but 18 years later we are still together. Our marriage has always been pretty good, we’ve had our ups and downs of course but we always been on the same page. Recently though we seemed to have got into a rut. Both of us have been working hard, I was now managing a service department for a large dealership in town. Alison had gone back to full time work, now the word not permitted were in their teens and able to look after themselves, and she was the manager of a local Salon. I guess we were both under a bit of pressure to prove ourselves and we seemed to be having more of those stupid little arguments that go nowhere. We needed to do something about it, and fast. It was Alison who saw an article in a magazine about going on a date to revitalise a relationship. To make it more exciting it was suggested that each partner bought an outfit for the other to wear on the date. I agreed to go along with the idea even when Alison suggested penalties to make sure neither of us backed out. A few days after my sister asked if our word not permitted would like to go away with her family for the weekend. It seemed like an ideal opportunity so we agreed and started making plans. The weekend arrived, I dropped the word not permitted off at my sister’s house and went shopping. I had taken careful note of Alison’s dress, shoe and bra sizes, I was going to enjoy this, despite have two word not permitted Alison had kept her figure she had firm breasts, not too big and a great ass and legs. These days she hid her body under baggy tops and trousers, it’s been ages since I saw her dressed up. With the help of the shop assistants I bought a little black dress, a short jacket, high heeled strappy shoes and, best of all, some sexy black lingerie including stockings and a suspender belt. Feeling pretty pleased with myself I headed home. Unfortunately I forgot the home team was playing in the local stadium so I got stuck in traffic. I arrived home with only a short time before the taxi arrived to take us to the restaurant I had booked. Alison was waiting in her dressing gown she had already done her hair and makeup and looked stunning. “Your cutting it fine, she said, you had better hurry up and get dressed.” I handed her the bags containing her outfit and we headed for the bedroom. I walked in and stopped, confused I turned to Alison. “I thought we were buying outfits for each other?” I said, because laid out on the bed was an almost identical outfit to the one I had just bought for her. “That’s right, she replied, I thought you would be more comfortable in this.” All I could reply was an incredulous “What?” Alison picked up a bag and pulled out a pair of stockings still attached to a suspender belt. My blood froze, you see, one of the reasons we decided to to this date was because of an argument we had a couple of months ago. I complained that Alison never dressed sexily anymore and she never wore stockings like she use to. She got really annoyed and shot back at me “If you like them so much why don’t you fucking wear them!” before storming out. The next day I was looking for something and found her old pair of stockings and suspender belt in a drawer and a plan hatched. The plan was to put them on and present myself to Alison as a joke. However, the more I thought about it the more I decided it wasn’t such a great idea. However, curiosity got the better of me and I tried them on. I found myself getting turned on pulling on the stockings and ended up masturbating in them. Appalled and ashamed of myself afterwards I took the whole lot off without unfastening the stockings and put them in a bag and stuffed them to the back of my wardrobe, with the intention putting them back. Alison had obviously found them and put two and two together and made six. I tried to explain but she wasn’t listening, all she said was “You had better have a shower, or we’ll be late.” I've seen her in these moods before and I decided not to argue so I went to the En-suite. “Don’t forget to shave your legs” she called after me. In the bathroom I gathered my thoughts, Alison was obviously winding me up, she probably has my real outfit hidden. OK, I thought, I’ll play along with her little game so I shaved my legs, chest, the lot. I looked at my reflection I quite liked the hairless look. Like Alison I had managed to keep myself trim, not over muscled though, just fit. I walked back into the bedroom, Alison nodded her approval. While I was in the bathroom she had got dressed in the outfit I had bought her, she looked fantastic. I told her so but she rebuffed me and picked the first item of clothing off the bed. “Put this on first” she ordered handing me a black lacy basque. Next was a pair of black lace top stockings, I tried not to get aroused like last time as I slid them up my legs. Alison helped me fasten the clips then handed me some black silky panties. She slipped a pair of false breasts into the cups of the basque and told me to sit at her dressing table. I was getting a little concerned. “How far is she going to take this?” I wondered as she applied my makeup. Alison placed an auburn wig in a bob style on my head and the helped me into the black above the knee dress. I stepped into a pair of black stiletto shoes, thankfully they weren’t too high, and put on a pair of black satin opera gloves. Alison stood back to admire her work. “Not bad” she said. I looked in the full length mirror, looking back at me was a not unattractive woman, from a distance at leased. I have to say I was impressed and a little turned on. I suddenly snapped back to reality. “OK, I said, you’ve had your fun. Where are my real clothes there’s not much time before the Taxi gets here.” Alison face hardened “Those ARE your clothes and don’t think of changing remember our deal? If one of us doesn’t wear what the other buys it’s the spare room, no sex and doing all the chores for two months!” “Now, she added, you’ll need this” and put my wallet into a black handbag and handed it to me. At that moment a car horn sounded outside. “Come on, she said, the Taxis is here.” Reluctantly I followed her out, she took my arm as I was unsteady on my heels. Thankfully we have tall hedges around the front garden and a short trip across the pavement to the Taxi. I just prayed we didn’t bump into any of the neighbours. I slid into the back seat of the Taxi followed by Alison. “Where to Ladies?” said the Taxi driver. He almost knocked himself out on the roof when a male voice answered him. He turned round and looked me up and down. “Fancy dress is it?” he asked. “Something like that” I muttered, looking daggers at my Wife. She just grinned and looked out the window, the bitch was enjoying this. We did the rest of the journey in silence with me quietly seething and Alison looking smug. The Taxi took us right outside the restaurant, we got out and once again Alison took my arm and guided me inside. The waiter raised an eyebrow when I spoke to him but carried on as normal and led us to our table. There was a few double takes, one chap nearly fell off his chair and an elderly lady gave me a big smile. Thank goodness I’d asked for a quiet romantic table in the corner. I ordered a double Whiskey and then another plus wine with our meal. I began to relax and enjoy myself, I forgot I was dressed as a woman. Alison and I chatted and joked like we use to in old times, I realised what first attracted me to this gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, funny woman I was married to. While we were talking the elderly lady and her husband walked past on their way out. She hung back and stopped at our table. “I think you look fantastic, well done you.” she said patting my arm. “See, I think you look great to” Alison grinned at me. After a coffee and Brandy I paid the bill and we left both now a little unsteady but I didn’t care about the looks now I felt strangely liberated and sexy. Outside the cold air hit me, “I’d better get a Taxi, I said sobering up. “Oh no you don’t, replied Alison, the night is still young and I fancy dancing” She took my hand and led me to a Night Club on the corner, “I’m going to get the crap beaten out of me turning up like this!” I protested. “You’ll be fine, she said, you can look after yourself” “Not in these heels I can’t!” I replied. We got to the Club, I braced myself, there were two huge bouncers outside. The looked us up and down, “In you go, said one of them, enjoy yourselves” Slightly puzzled I went in, once inside the penny dropped. It was a LGBTG Club! A tall black glamorous Drag Queen walked past, “Looking good Girlfriend” she said. I looked around at Alison she was laughing, did she plan all this? I was beginning to see a side of my wife I had never seen before and I have to say I liked it. I wonder what the rest of the night has in store? “You sit down and I’ll get some drinks” she said. “Don’t leave me on my own!” I hissed. I was already getting looks from other people in the club. I managed to find a table and sat down trying not to make eye contact with anyone. I could see Alison at the bar she was talking to two very attractive women, at least I assumed the were women. They all came over to the table. “You don’t mind if Sam and Sarah join us do you?” asked Alison. Before I could answer Alison turned to the girls(?) “This is my husband Steve, she said, or should I say Stephanie” she added with a wicked grin. Sam and Sarah sat down, Sam and Sarah were definitely real women and they were a couple, we chatted and laughed as the drinks flowed. Eventually we all ended up on the dance floor, Sam seemed to be quite taken with Alison and manoeuvred herself to dance with her getting closer and closer. I ended up dancing with Sarah but I couldn’t help watching my sexy wife dance with this gorgeous woman, it was strangely erotic. Sarah seemed to enjoy watching them as well and moved closer to me. A slow dance came on, none of us move from the dance floor Sam moved in and started to dance slowly with Alison pressing her body against my wife. Sarah did the same to me, the sight of my wife dancing so close to another sexy woman made me hard. I’m sure Sarah could feel it against her thigh but she didn’t seem to mind. When the music finished Sam and Alison came over “Why don’t you come back to my place for a nightcap?” said Sam. We readily agreed and left the club to make the short walk to Sam’s penthouse apartment. Sam obviously had a very good job, the apartment was amazing and had fabulous views across the city. “I’ll get some wine.” Sarah said. Alison sat on a sofa and Sam quickly sat next to her I sat on another facing them. Sarah returned with a bottle of wine and four glasses and sat next to me. The air seemed to be charged with sexual tension. “You look very sexy in that outfit, I could almost go for you myself” Said Sam. “And I see you’re wearing stockings, Sarah and I love to wear stockings they feel so sexy. Don’t you agree?” She turned to Alison “I hope you are wearing them too” she added. Without saying anything Alison slowly pulled her skirt up to reveal her stocking tops. I watched transfixed as Sam stroked Alison’s nylon clad thigh. I suddenly became aware of Sarah’s hand on my thigh, she slowly made her way up my thigh until she was stroking my erect cock through the silky material of my panties. “Mmmm, she murmured, A chick with a dick how wonderful” I wasn’t sure how to react I was incredibly turned on but I have always been faithful. I turned to look at Alison to gauge her reaction. What I saw made my cock even harder, Alison and Sam were kissing passionately and Sam’s hand was inside Alison’s panties playing with her pussy. Sam then moved down and started kissing Alison’s neck as her free hand slid the zip of Alison’s dress down. She the unfastened the black lacy bra I bought only a few hours ago and started to suck and kiss my wife’s nipples. Alison threw back her head and moaned, opening her legs wide as Sam’s hand worked on her pussy. I turned to Sarah who was still stroking my cock she too was transfixed by the scene opposite. She looked at me and smiled then we started to kiss passionately as well. I slid the zip down on her dress to reveal a lacy platinum grey bra which I unfastened exposing her beautiful breasts. I took one of the erect pink nipples in my mouth and sucked it rolling my tongue around the hard bud. She gently pushed me away. “Lets go to the bedroom and leave these two in peace” she said. Then she took my hand and led me out of the room, I couldn’t help looking back and saw a wonderful sight. Alison was leaning back, her dress was down around her waist with the skirt pulled up. Her panties had gone and her legs were wide open, Sam was between them licking her pussy while Alison was squeezing and tweaking her own nipples. I could see Sam’s hand inside her panties playing with her pussy. I was the ultimate fantasy and I was watching it. Sarah gently pulled me away and into the bedroom. she stepped out her dress revealing matching Lacy Platinum Grey Panties and suspender belt holding up platinum grey stockings. She sat on the edge of the bed and said “Come here, it’s been ages since I’ve tasted cock” With that she lifted my skirt and slid my panties down releasing my cock from its silky prison. She ran her tongue around the head the slowly took me in her mouth and gave me a glorious blow job running her hands up and down my stockinged legs. Not wanting to come too soon I pulled out of her mouth and knelt between her thighs. I eased her sopping wet panties down and went to work on her pussy with my tongue, Her juices were flowing freely and tasted sweet. She moaned and put her hands on the back of my head and pushed me into her crotch. I licked and sucked her clit until she came violently squeezing my head between her nylon clad thighs. “Wow, she said, you’re as good as a girl” She moved up the bed, “Come on, she ordered, I want to feel your cock inside me.” As I took off my dress she reached into a drawer and pulled out a packet of condoms. I looked surprised, “We use them on our dildos sometimes” she explained. She took one out of the packet and gently rolled it onto my cock. I positioned myself between her legs and slowly entered her she let out a gasp and wrapped her legs around my waist as I pumped in and out of her sopping wet pussy. “Oh fuck that feels so good she moaned” The bedroom had full length mirrored wardrobes along one wall. I saw in the reflection what looked like two women in lingerie making love it was a very erotic sight. I was enjoying the view when I became aware of a movement by the door. Alison and Sam had walked in, both naked except stockings and suspender belts and heels. What took me by surprise is Alison appeared to have a large black cock between her legs and she was rolling a condom on it! Before I realised what was happening Alison was behind me, I felt some cold liquid drip between my ass cheeks and the tip of the dildo press against my anus. I let out a yelp as Alison pushed into me, I can’t describe the feeling of pleasure and pain as my wife started to fuck my ass. While this was going on Sam had got onto the bed and straddled Sarahs head lowering her pussy onto Sarah’s mouth who started to lick her clit. Alison built up a steady rhythm as she pushed into me it drove my cock deeper into Sarah. I had never felt such intense pleasure, I couldn’t hold on any longer and came with such intensity I thought I was going to pass out. I collapsed on top of Sarah and Alison withdrew, Sarah hadn’t come yet and as I rolled off her hand went to her pussy. Seeing this Alison whipped the condom off the dildo and thrust it deep into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah groaned and and lifted her legs, Sam grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs higher so Alison could fuck her deeper. Never in a million years would i have expected to see my wife fucking another woman wearing a strap on dildo. And never in my wildest fantasies could I have imagined the scene that was in front of me. Sam was riding Sarah’s tongue while Alison was fucking Sarah deep and hard. Sam came first drenching Sarah’s face the Sarah came bucking and moaning. The sight had made my cock rock hard again. Alison seeing my erection laid on the bed handing the strap on to Sarah who put it on. Sam laid on the bed next to Sarah I got the idea I pushed my wife legs apart and slid my cock in, Sarah did the same to Sam. We both started to fuck our partners one of Sam’s legs was on my shoulder and one of Alison’s was on Sarah’s, Alison’s hand moved across and found Sam’s clit, Sam did the same to Alison as Sarah and I fucked them hard. This time, with the help of Sam, Alison came first, then me and finally Sarah. We collapsed on the bed exhausted a tangle of nylon clad legs and lingerie. Once we had recovered Alison and I were led to the spare room where we fell into an exhausted sleep not quite believing what had just happened. The next morning we had breakfast then I was left with the TV remote in one of Sam’s dressing gowns while the “girls” went shopping for some male clothes so I could go home without causing a riot. They arrived back several hours later with more bags than Tee shirt and Jeans required. I got dressed and we said our goodbyes swapping phone numbers and a promise to call them next time we went on a “Date”. In the taxi on the way home I said “I see you couldn’t resist buying a new outfit for yourself” “Who said it was for me?” she replied with a wicked smile, “I rather liked Stephanie, and I’d like to see her again, I also bought some toys I think she might like” I think I can safely say our relationship is no longer in a rut. The End
  4. Love to hang out with likeminded friends
  5. admin

    Emergency Services

    Anyone need a service? On a lazy afternoon my girlfriend and I decide to dress up in uniforms and play a kinky game of emergency services
  6. Written by my Friend Dirty Angie I must have been a very naughty girl because I have been blindfolded and tied up in my sheer slip, garter belt, panties and stiletto heels. I feel feminine hands groping me all over and there is nothing I can do. Someone I don't know is enjoying feeling me up and playing with my titties and my panties. Then I feel a rough hand and I know it's a man and he loves playing with my sexy bikini panties. I struggle and he spanks my bottom hard...until it blushes. Then the bastard buzzes me with a vibrator all over until he settles on my asshole. I just can't believe he is so brazen...but it feels just so damn good. My bottom is glowing and the vibrator is making me so horny because it is vibrating my clitoris all the way from my ass. I cum in my bound state amazed at how strong an anal orgasm can be.
  7. julia

    Real Panty Girls

    Who doesn't like girls in panties? Especially in garter belts and stockings and really long legs and heels?
  8. Amateur Parties

    3 Girls In A Fishnet

    Would you like to see what they got up to?
  9. Amateur Parties

    Pantyhose Carfun

    The Fucking Parties Limo goes for a drive.
  10. My friend Tiffiny and I showing you what fifties sweater girls wore under their big skirts and crinolines. I hope you like frilly panties.
  11. Amateur Parties

    Black Underwear And Toys

    Looking sexy and armed with toys, the girls set about having some girl girl fun.
  12. These are a few of my favorite things....from a video with my friend Kylie....
  13. Here are some video captures from our movie My friend Kylie Deville, the sexiest milf ever, has a huge strap on and makes me go down on her under her dress. Her garter belt, stockings and panties are so hot. Then she gags me with it and the evil bitch cums all over my face and in my mouth. But I make sure she gets her share when I spit it into her mouth
  14. I just love Elli's boobs. Would you like to see more?
  15. This was seriously a whole lot of messy fun with two really sexy girls. And the blonde's husband was watching his wife through the whole thing. He was hard as as rock. I think he was living his fantasy I am one lucky girl.
  16. Bound and tied in vintage lingerie, girdle and garter belt, stockings and panties, big tits and bras.....and a big squirting strap on. Abigail Fraser is up for anything and I do mean anything. Watch me deep throat her, cum in her mouth and all over her face, fuck her pussy until my cum drips out and then cum all over her as she orgasms with her stockinged legs spread with her huge tits and her face and pantys covered in cum. This video is so damn sleazy and I love making movies. Click on the link to watch me and my friend Abi get very dirty promo perverted bukake lesbos abi julia.mpg
  17. Here are some video captures from the movie: There is something really dirty about fucking a girl with a strap on dildo. I fuck Janessa Jordan in her hot panties, stockings and garter belt, encase her face in a nylon stocking, and face fuck her till she gags, then cum all over her face and lingerie. Did I mention that strap on sex is really dirty?
  18. I think stockings under tight blue jeans are so sexy. What do you think? Do your wives or girlfriends wear suspender belts under jeans? Julia
  19. Sexy Miss Lizz, Audrey, and I have moved out of the powder room and onto the chaise lounge for a little glamour posing that gets a little out of control. Watch as we pose to show off our girdles and panties, open our legs and let you come in very close to see our nylons. We love to pose and we all get very horny walking and posing in our lingerie. You will see lots and lots of hot lingerie and lots of girl girl girl oral sex in panties, girdles and stockings with tons of boobs in and out of bras. Someone has a double dildo. You can guess where this is going. And it gets even better when Sexy Miss Lizz needs to pee.
  20. Angie licking my pussy....just imagine if you were buried between my stockinged legs.
  21. AC, DirtyAngie and me. All in our sexiest underwear, just dying to show it off. We are all dressed respectably in our short skirts and stockings. As we sit on the couch, you can clearly see up our skirts. I am wearing black bikini panties, black garter belt, and vintage stockings. AC is a very sexy black girl with enormous titties and she is wearing very sheer white bikini panties, a rich navy garter belt and light tan stockings, and DirtyAngie is wearing sexy red bikini panties, red garter belt and suntan hose. I know how much you like to peek, so now is the time to look up our skirts as we open our legs to make you horny. We start lifting our skirts and playing with our lingerie so you see lots of panties, stockings, legs and a whole lot of panty covered bottoms, just the way you like. We open our legs, we bend over and you see a delightful selection of panty close ups. We each do sexy strips, making sure you get under our skirts, see lots of underskirt stocking tops and panties as well as very sexy panty line pictures as our skirts and slips get raised. Soon we are stripped to our lingerie and teasing you with our panties and bras. And wait till you see AC's enormous....huge....titties in her full cup blue bra.
  22. Naughty Lauren seduces wicked Angela....and to think she is twice her age.
  23. Or in her mouth? Or both "a preview of Abigail Fraser's latest video"

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