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You have been asking for a good chatroom

& now you have one!

It's called Babble and you can


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  1. 22 points
    We agree BMG, thank you xx thanks Dr Jimmy xx Thank you Fe, nice to know you think so xx
  2. 22 points
    Hi Robbo thank you x Thank you hornyuk x Nice of you to say so Dayne x Hope you like this one too xxxx
  3. 22 points
    Thank you so much for the lovely comments, it's nice to know you are enjoying them xx😘
  4. 21 points
    Good morning Folks and thank you for all the lovely comments and messages.. Love hearing what you think
  5. 20 points
    Thats a nice thought BMG xx Feel Fe, anytime you like xx Thank you Paul, its a pleasure teasing you xx Thank you Mr Flirty. Thats the first time I have been top of the class for anything xx Thank you for the lovely comments and message Nearlyblackandwhite xx
  6. 20 points
    Thanks MHF, it's really nice to hear that from a gorgeous lady like you xx Thanks Psst ssh it's nice to be cheeky sometimes xx Glad you are enjoying the seams Nearlyblackandwhite xx
  7. 18 points
    Hi All A mix of pics which we hope you enjoy. xx
  8. 17 points
    mmm...Mrs H's nipples were so hard.......wonder why...lol Fe xx
  9. 17 points
  10. 16 points
  11. 15 points
    I am quite often on the naughty step too xx
  12. 15 points
    Thanks again, great to know you're liking the pics
  13. 15 points
    Thanks for all the comments guys, really appreciate it!
  14. 15 points
    Glad you are enjoying them BMG xx
  15. 14 points
  16. 14 points
  17. 14 points
    This help you decide?
  18. 14 points
    Heheh these inflatables ? Lol ta x Big stick of Rock ? I bet that’s a sticky end MrFlirty lol thanks x Depends where ya gonna poke it LM lol ta x And harder ?.. lol thanks Taff x Coooorrr I’m imagining it too robbo hehe ta x A slow hand Kieth ? Lol thanks x I hope you dont get motion sickness Martin hehe ta x Good auld shaky lol thanks cullie x Hahah I’ll cum in first thou Dr J . Thanks x Don’t know why I’m singing ,’ Hit me with your rhythm stick ‘ ... lol
  19. 14 points
    Thanks for all the comments guys, really appreciate it!
  20. 14 points
    I’d be happy Flashing too HP lol thanks x Iv a few more for your eyes to peel away at NBAWA lol thanks X Always , back at ya Cullie ta x That’s just the prescription I need Dr J thanks x Sexy Psst but you wouldn’t just stop at those tops , would you ? Lol thanks x Higher LM lol ta x Aha but the tease is more subtle this time lol thanks x Cum hold my camera robbo lol ta x How are you today ? Lol ta x Maybe a little show lol thanks x You up for more Martin ? Ta x Cum give us a nice foot massage Kieth hehe thanks x Such lovely comment you lot , I’ll endeavour to get more up 🤣 hehe thanks x It’s lovely to be in good company, many thanks Rossi x I think my hand is starting to shake ..
  21. 14 points
  22. 13 points
    OK, time to get 'em off, ladies.....
  23. 13 points
    we had pretty much forgotten about our photographers.... Fe xx
  24. 13 points
  25. 12 points
    Well , I just hadda ask Taff lol thanks x Awwe thanks Saucy , it’s nice to have a busy site again x Warning up thanks Ash lol ta x For you LT , absolutely lol thanks x Great to see lots of friendly names again thank NBAWA x More cumming up LM thanks x You gonna lift that hem Psst lol ta x Oooohhh I’ll keep you guessing HP ta x It was like a , click of the button and a flash ...