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Found 376 results

  1. couple Full panties for a full ass!

    Some full panties for a full ass!
  2. Just throwing this out there. This is just my opinion but I feel this site has dimmed somewhat these past few months and the only things I can pinpoint as to why, is that it has become a member pay only site in all but name that, coupled with non paying members having to post a certain amount of photos to gain membership and to continue posting photos or lose membership. This site only survives by the wonderful photo posting contributors who do so because they are non ashamed exhibitionists who get a sexual and non sexual kick out of the knowing thought that people like me fantasise and masturbate while looking at their images and who show their appreciation by commenting and liking and getting into prolonged conversations over the length of a thread. When I look through the comments the vast majority are by a minority few who are either photo contributors or are paid up members and the comments seem to be diminishing as time goes by. I believe this will reach a critical point and when it does the photo contributors will leave and go elsewhere which appears to have happened recently. In the past when it was a free site I believe new members were limited to viewing 5 or so photos in a 24 hour word not permitted but this increased once they had reached say 50 posts/comments then the restrictions were lifted and they could view all of the forum thread content but not the gallery images or the video content, this I felt was a better system which attracted more members who would comment and eventually some of them would post photo content. Of course there were and always will be lurkers but in my opinion this is par for the course and I have heard in the past on other sites that the lurkers should be booted off, my answer to that is you are exhibitionists and lurkers are no more than silent voyeurs who should be encouraged and not victimised. Well I've said my piece and as I said at the beginning this is just my opinion love to all you gorgeous gorgeous men and women who post and comment. xxxx Mr Jim
  3. couple Saucy Teases her Cameraman

    Just a bit of saucy teasing.......
  4. couple Saucy Teases her Cameraman

    Just a bit of saucy teasing.......
  5. Comments welcome....
  6. Mrs Gmop opened one of her Christmas present - Christel Copper Havana Heel Contrast Stockings The Gmop's
  7. Mrs Gmop opened one of her Christmas present - Christel Copper Havana Heel Contrast Stockings The Gmop's
  8. Mrs Gmop's T bar Heels with Copper full fashion stockings The Gmop's
  9. Poor old Mr Gmop squashed in a pair of Mrs Gmop's seamless tights The Gmop's
  10. Just something different froma recent day off....turned into quite the afternoon.
  11. As the winter seems to be dragging I thought it would be good to share a meet S had last year This was a very experienced man and S had a wonderful time. First getting to know each other in the hotel room
  12. couple Use Mrs A

    Would you like to use Mrs A ?!
  13. Been lurking long enough, wife and I had some time for some fun and wanted to share them......
  14. Version 1.0.0


    S gets what she deserves after an evening of hot sex!
  15. couple Naughty S gets doggy finale!

    View File Naughty S gets doggy finale! S gets what she deserves after an evening of hot sex! Submitter showmywife1959 Submitted 01/15/2018 Category Couple Members Movies Movie Quality Low Quality  
  16. comments welcomed.
  17. Mrs Gmop got some new stockings and shoes for Christmas. The Gmop's
  18. couple British Pathe

    Stumbled across this news item from 64 years ago, thought I'd share
  19. A belated happy 2018 to all at British Stockings. After after a training session on the bike during the Christmas break, Mrs Gmop dared me to put some stockings and suspenders on to how they looked under the cycle shorts - here goes The stockings and shorts They Don't hid much The Gmop's
  20. couple Sexy newbie couple

    Hi all, new members here. We love tights, stockings & lycra clothing and one of us is usually wearing at least one of these at some point in the day most days. Attached a few photos just to get us started, apologies for any poor mobile ones, i do get the slr out now and again I love to wear tights and lycra leggings around the house or out underneath something (not that confident). Leggings i'll wear around the house on their own, tights rarely so but sometimes, also mix the two which helps with the tights. Love the mrs in tights, amazingly sexy! Sex with us both in tights is one of my favourite things.
  21. couple Stockings & Body

    A few of our recent ones
  22. couple Rodeo fun

    View File Rodeo fun Video clip of us having some fun Submitter bbwstockings Submitted 01/12/2018 Category Couple Members Movies Movie Quality Low Quality  
  23. couple Rodeo fun

    Version 1.0.0


    Video clip of us having some fun